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Hi Roach - I'm so sorry you are going through this. I think you will find comfort in this health board knowing you are definitely not alone out there - there are so many who, like you, struggle with health anxiety and worrying if the doctors have missed something. I have been where you are and am still currently in my own struggle although it has gotten better by being on Lexapro just recently. Read my previous posts of what I've been through. In a nutshell - I was a very normal healthy-feeling 27 year old in 1991 when I started having severe anxiety and panic attacks which started after the birth of my 2nd child. This came from out of no where! After a series of tests and trips to multiple doctors and trips to the ER which was all normal they blamed it on post-partum depression. Long story short - through the years, I took an anti-dep which did help. Early last year, I took myself off the med because I felt fine and didn't feel that I needed it. Well, that started a downward spiral where I was in the same position that I started in back in 1991. Multiple doctors, ER visits once again - tests normal. I had all the same symptoms as you - feel like I was going to faint, lightheadness, dizzy, pains in the head, very tired and fatigued, just weird feeling and physically ill. They started me on 5ML of Lexapro in August which did nothing - if anything it made my anxiety worse and I lost my appetite - so 2.5 weeks ago they increased the dose to 10 ML which I feel has helped, however, I stil have to take xanax several times a week and my appetite isn't all that great still. Try talking to your doc about getting on another med or back on the same one you were on previously if it did help you. I have found that meds aren't a cure-all but they do help. If you are a Christian at all, I have found that prayer is a big help. turn your worries over to Him. Be well

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