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heck no your not the only one. dizziness and feeling faint is my worst symptom. i've been feeling like this the past 7 years.. im married with 2 kids and thoughts of my health consume me.. every day i am dizzy. EVERY day.. and then i have times where my head feels so weird and i swear i'm gonna faint. i break out all hot and my head feels tight and pressure and i get so faint.. this can happen many times a day.. its way worse when i'm not on meds. which i havent been for 6 months.. so 3 weeks ago i started lexapro. it is starting to work a bit. i'm not as bad as i was.(ihn bed all day, crying, feeling faint spells like every minute or two and not eating, lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks) so your not alone.. i feel absolutely dizzy and miserable with anxiety. i ahve had MANY tests done.. ekg's, echocardiogram, stress test, a couple holter monitors, CT scan of my brain, etc... doc swears its anxiety..

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