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I have suffered from GAD for over 20 years and have recently begun taking cipralex. Initially it helped with my sleep but my symptoms (mostly chronic tension, shallow breathing, neck pain and jaw clenching) were no better. After 3 weeks on 10 mgs. my doctor upped the dose to 20 mg. I am no better on 20 mg and in some ways my sleep is worse and I think the tension/anxiety is too.

I don't know if I should stick with the 20 mg, back down to 10 mg. or try something different altogether.

It seems when the aches/tension in one part of my body resolves, another ailment surfaces. I just can't let go and totally relax and if I try to I get even worse and start to shake and tremble.

i have tried the relaxation classes,deep breathing, music, psychotherapy, etc.
would love to find a drug to help my body let go.

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