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Don't want to bore you with my story...bottom line is for the last month I was put on 20mg of Lexapro(I had done Paxil for 6 yrs, thought I was better, struggled for 6 months to get off and the serious anxious thoughts came right back) and then he's given me Xanax in the meantime...I take .5 3 times a day, a whole one at night.

So, here's the problem....I AM EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!! Can barely get out of bed, want to sleep the entire day-even though its only my eyes closed; nap in my car. Its a level of fatigue I can't see I can live with. Don't want to talk to anyone because I feel TOO tired. Tried Red Bull to get energy..STILL exhausted!

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? How'd you deal with it?

PS I used to do 3-5miles a day on the I just want to sleep!!!!
I have taken xanax but never at that dose. Have you tried cutting back. My doctor prescribes Ativan for me and I take .5 mg at night only. Helps take the edge off and I can sleep.
[FONT="Georgia"]I'm on 10mg Lexapro and use xanax, .25 as needed. If you don't need to take the Xanax, don't take it, just as needed. Lexapro made me very sleepy and I tried taking it at night so I won't be sleepy. Didn't work for me. The Lexapro works great with me but the side effects are too much to bear. I've been on Lexapro for 6 months and before that about 1-2 years. I'm working my way off of it so I can gain back some motivation and be less of a zombie.[/FONT]

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