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I'm sorry you are going through what you are going through. That's a lot on someone's plate in the past few months, especially for someone who doesn't handle stress very well and is prone to anxiety.
What I have found in my life is that there are two ways of handling the anxiety, either through medication or just by working your way through it. Medication works wonders, but I was on some medication a year ago, I felt great in terms of absense of stress and anxiety, but the weight gain, the lack of emotion and the hair loss I experienced on medication caused me to quit the medication. I have in the past, had severe anxiety, and dealt with it in the absence of medication and usually some drastic change is needed to quell these issues and get things back to normal, drastic change, as in a move to a new city, change of job, or going back to school, etc...

I know the feeling with anxiety, and I'm sure right now you may feel like you are losing your mind and your life is out of control and you may even feel like you are dying, or feel that sometimes you believe that some force is intentionally trying to destroy your life or that nothing ever goes right. Just know that if you are experiencing these feelings, that others out there feel the same way and that you are not alone and many have overcome these feelings for a long period of time or permanently.

Some things that may help, is have someone get you to a doctor if you feel you need to get to one, or join a support group in your city where you could feel that you are not alone, or make some extreme change in your life that will benefit your life and make things better.

Hope everything turns around and gets better, and take care !!!

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