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Anxiety/Chest Pains
Nov 13, 2008
Hi,I have been suffering from Chest Pains for Fours Weeks,I went to My Doctor who sent me for Blood Tests,an ECG,And Chest Scan which all came back fine.He said it could be my Wall Muscle.

But since Saturday I have had hot and Coldness,My Heart Beating Fast,Feeling Sick,Breatlessness,and shakes and shivers which is with me all the time,and keeps me up at Night.

I have been back to the Doctor on Monday,and he said my Heart sounded Fine,and my Blood Oxygen was fine,but I am still uffering the same.

Is it more Symptoms of my Wall Muscle,or am I having Panic Attacks worrying I am going to die?

Someone on The Heart Disorder Forum advised that I should maybe Post on here.

I had chest pains for about 2-3 months for about 75% of the time. I also had muscle twiching, shortness of breath, falling feeling in chest, what felt like heart fluttering, lump in the throat feeling, etc. I read in a book that when your chest tightens up that you should take a deep breath in and hold it, then let it out slowly. That seemed to work. I was worried about my heart, constantly checking my pulse, taking my blood pressure and thinking about it. I stopped it all, for the most part. I still have a little feeling here or there and my anxiety starts up a bit. But I have noticed a HUGE improvement in the last 45-60 days. Not sure if it's what helped but I've been taking B-Vitamins twice a day. I went to a vitamin store and bought some for $15 (60 day supply). They have a lot out there for stress relieft. It's supposed to help with your mood and for anxiety- kind of to calm you down. I don't notice a mellow feeling but my anxiety has decreased. B-Vitamins are especially good for women who are on birthcontrol (me) because the pill supposedly depleats our B-Vitamins. I didn't notice an improvement until about a month after I started. Try it! It won't hurt.
I have had this on and off for years. The best relief I ever experienced was after hypnotherapy, I felt fantastic, and didnt experience them for a year or so. Part of my problem is over breathing, and I find that sometimes I get relief from concentrating on slowly breathing using my stomach instead of my lungs for a few minuets. I hope this helps, its an awful feeling.

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