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Re: Paxil Help
Feb 14, 2009
Hi there-I was on Paxil for about 3 years. While it cured my depression, it did nothing for my panic attacks. I tried ativan, diazepam, xanax: none of them worked. I was finally put on clonazepam and I haven't had a panic attack since.
I was able to slowwwwly get the Paxil out of my system (after 6 months of weening off of it; I was at 40 mgs/day) and I think the clonazepam helped. However, benzos such as clonazepam are a double-edged sword-sure they help but they're impossible to get off of. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will be taking this drug for a LONG time.
I wanted a second opinion so I switched psychiatrist-she felt that my long ago diagnosis off ADD in high school was really bipolar disorder. I've been taking Trileptal and Clonazepam for my anxiety and I must say; WORLDS of difference. My anxiety is gone, my depression is gone (although the drug did take longer than Paxil to start working; about 2 months) and I feel much, much better. If you have any doubts about your meds I recommend; get a second opinion! I felt bad leaving my old psychiatrist but in the end, I'm grateful.
One note of caution; benzo's are extremely addictive and extremely hard to ween off of. My psychiatrist, actually neither one, has any intention of getting me off the 3 mgs a day due to the severity of the panic attacks I used to have (fainting, cold and hot sweats, dizziness-I felt like I was dying) but I have to say, Paxil worked wonders for me for two years. I could finally talk to strangers and that meant A LOT to me. However, after two years the drug just didn't seem to work anymore.
Take care of yourself and be aware of how your meds affect you; there IS help out there. You are not alone!


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