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Paxil Help
Nov 14, 2008
Hi All,

Well it's been awhile since my last post, but I'm sure as many of you know, the battle with anxiety isn't a short term issue.

Here's my latest quandary, my anxiety is at an all time high (15 years into it now), I'm not having panic attacks or anything like that but I can't go anywhere or do anything without feeling EXTREME discomfort. So slowly I have this shrinking boundary of what I can do (which isn't much these days)

This isn't a time in life when I can have this around, I have an 11yr old son and a 8yr old daughter and I feel like I'm letting them down at this point with what I won't do (going places, doing things I'd love to do with them, but the way I'm feeling it is just torture to go through it).

It's even at the point where it's screwing up my work. I've never really had it to the point where I can't even be counted on showing up every day (thank god I'm self-employed, I would have been fired long ago, lol). But that's where I am right now.

Mid 2007 I started taking Xanax again, I split a .25 mg and take half in the morning and half around dinner. This past May I had to stop splitting the pills and take a .25mg in the morning and a .25mg at dinner time. Some days it seems to help but 50% of the time (especially when you need it) it does nothing.

I not a fan of taking meds to begin with but I'm at the point where the quality of life really sucks now and I have to change it.

This brings me to two weeks ago when I finally went to my doc to say enough is enough! He gave me a script for Paroxetine 10mg one a day (Paxil gen.), and of course I went home to look into it and have seen so much negative discussion on it all I've done is stare at the bottle for 12 days.

A pharmacist said to go ahead and start with splitting it at 5mg a day and see how that goes and not to worry about side effects (I think mainly because of the low dose). Even with the advise of somebody I trust, I'm still having issues making that first step taking it.

Three years ago I tried Zoloft for 2 weeks and I had to stop because it made my anxiety go through the roof. So that experience isn't helping the Paxil cause.

All I've read about the class action suits/hell withdrawals and "brain zap" crap really pisses me off and I don't want to trade one problem with another, but like I said above, quality of life really stinks!

I began counseling last week, and for the next three weeks for them to get an evaluation on me and then have me see a Psychiatrist for meds. if they see the need. After one visit, the councilor said it seems like I'm going to need some sort of medication to at least begin the process of going in the right direction. I just don't want to wait a month to finally get into something, especially with the holidays coming up. I've waited/suffered long enough.

Although I feel like crap, I am glad that I'm at least moving in the direction of getting help, which is the MOST important thing I can do at this point.

So, after drawing you though that, I'm looking for ANY feedback positive or negative (don't worry with any negative, I'll cope with it ;)) on Paroxetine. Also, any thoughts on St. John's Wort?

Thanks for your time.


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