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I take this at night (.25) for 2 months now. I'm only 100 pounds so I cut a .5 in half. It has helped me a great deal. Daytime I use Buspar and that works for me for now. Doc is trying to get me to try stronger meds but I have minimal side effects with this program and hate to change it.
thanks so much for your feedback.
i just hate it so much :( i never thought it would come to me having to take a pill as I have much worse anxiety then the rest of my family.

I aswell only weigh 100 pounds so even tylenols i cut in half (ppl think its sooo whack!)..
i just don't like pills..

what does it make you feel like? will i feel human again.
i just WAIT for the next panic attack ..or in my eyes "heart attack"
its getting to the point where i cant even handle it anymore..
When the anxiety got to the point of 24/7, and I had exhausted all herbal remedies it was time to talk to my doc. The ativan made things worse. She gave me buspar. The clonazepam was to help till the buspar kicked in. It was perfect for me because I could divide the buspar (they snap apart) and the clonazepam I could cut in half (I only need it at night). I was very recluctant but desparate.
As long as I don't take a full pill (.5) it just relaxes you. Daytime, if I need it I take 1/4. Sounds like it would be useless that way but for me (100 pounds) a baby asprin is as strong as I go. I'm sure the full pill would knock me out and thats not what I need either. The Clonazepam doesn't hit you fast so most people with attacks want relief fast and don't like that aspect. It also wears off slow so I don't notice a let down. However it is habit forming. Not a good idea for people who have abuse problems.
Be sure your doc is supportive because my doc doesn't want to refill my rx anymore. So I have to get myself off as I see the writting on the wall. I don't want anything storonger. I'll be back to anxiety 24/7 soon. Well, at least I had 2 months of relief.

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