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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have this?

Have been getting a strange sensation with regards to my breathing.I'm not sure if i can even explain it properly. I know i'm breathing but it doesnt feel right,its like its not satisfying and most of the time i have to try and take a really hard breath to get that satisfied feeling.When that doesnt work i get scared and feel as if my breathing is just going to stop,then i go dizzy,lightheaded,tingly.I actually feel as if my chest cant expand,strange feeling.I also feel this when i'm eating sometimes and have to stop and try and calm down.It has caused me to choke and even skip meals.It is so uncomfortable.Have been to the Drs and had tests,also to hospital for chest xrays,all normal.I have been told it is anxiety but cant get the notion that something else is going on out of my head.

Please,any help appreciated.

Takecare all.

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