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Hi All

I've been on neuroreplete for 3 months now (5HTP, Llysine and Ltyrosine) I'm not taking the full dose, just 3 caps 2x a day instead of 4. I was upped from 2 caps 2x a day last month. It has been helping greatly but I'm not back to myself yet. In fact I had a relapse of the panic and anxiety I had last year all year just the other day and have been very nauseous for awhile now. (To be truthful I was stressed about something). Doctor wants me on Neuroreplete until at least March.

My question is this: will I ever get back to normal? My doctor says yes and that I'm doing better already. But this relapse just happened after I've been ok for a long time. Also, anyone know if lemon balm is safe for nausea when I'm taking Neuroreplete? Doc says yes but I need people with experience to tell me. Also, will I ever feel normal again and be able to be upset with something without the anxiety?

PS Had my neurotransmitters tested and they were low in serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine although the doc told me just the serotonin and norepinephrine were low. I guess the dopamine level was adequate enough for him.

Please I need reassurance and would rather not go on meds so please don't bother suggesting them...thanks (I'm in therapy too but the therapist told me I'm already doing the right things with cog-beh techniques so I'm not quite sure why I'm there except for spiritual guideance I guess as she is a Christian counselor as well). Thanks all for any encouragement.
music chick,

You'll be fine it's just a small setback. Keep at it. I'm sure you can get out of it. I used to have seriously bad levels of anxiety, ocd intrussive thoughts, depression, and all the symptoms that came along with it all for years. Now I'm pretty much free of all of it! Just don't take a passive attitude to it and you'll be okay. I didn't take any antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds either. The way I see it is the brain and body falls out of balance due to unknown reasons it will try and heal itself if you give it what it needs. The way I did it is I changed my lifestyle around and changed my diet. I cut out refined sugars, overly fatty foods like fast food and junk foods, exercised daily and lost 20lbs.

I've done some CBT as well as took supplements but none of them really helped all that much. They certainly didn't help me heal only cope but for me that wasn't good enough. Lets face it there are lots of negative thinkers out there but not everyone has an anxiety disorder or clinical depression due to being negative right? I'm willing to bet that there are folks with clinical depression who have much more positive ingrained beliefs and thoughts than some folks with no depression. Today I still have lots of negative thoughts and what if's in my head.. just as much as before.. but guess what.. no anxiety (as in disorder) no panic attacks, and no depression. The brain is simply healthy again and resilient. So it IS physical it IS chemical and that all goes back to the brain, chemical balance, and ultimately the body as a complete organism. I think the path to healing is to make sure we do everything we can to help our brains AND bodies heal and be healthy, and I'm not sure the medical community today has all the right answers when it comes to neurotransmitter balances and what not. Supplements like the Neuroplete formula you're taking I'm not so sure about either... how do they know what's being balanced and what's not in your head. By just a urine test? Even if it was accurate it's only a snapshot of the current situation at the moment of sampling. When you throw either supplements like amino acids or drugs into the bloodstream.. can the doctors tell you how much it's going to be absorbed and in what percentages? If so.. will it raise or lower a certain chemical neurotransmitter? If they raise seratonin by X percent what effect will it have on another chemical? I'm pretty sure they can only roughly guess and for me that wasn't good enough.

Best advice I can give to anyone with these problems is to give your brain and body the best you can in terms of nutrition, exercise, and rest and I'm pretty sure after a while you'll be good as new! Give your body and mind the best essential building blocks and raw materials to heal and balance itself. I'm talking whole grains, no more simple sugars, no artificial stimulants like caffeine, no long periods of not eatting eat frequently and healthy. Eat more green vegetables, fruits with high antioxidants, fish, and lean protein. Exercise and sweat at least 5 times a week minimum, weights, yoga, pilates, cardio etc... Watch some comedies, laugh, play.. go out and socialize, learn some new hobbies. You wont know exactly what chemicals, and hormones are changing when you do those healthy things and chances are your doctors and therapists wont either but your body does so have faith in it. Your body WILL take care of you just give it what it needs to do it's job. The best car in the world wont run well after a while without the right fuel and good maintenance. It's not an easy path and certainly harder than taking some pills or seeing therapists but it's a path that's worked for me and hopefully others as well. Good luck.

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