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people with the need to take deep breaths all the time or yawn,how can they tell it anxietyand what is a normal time span to take a deep breath on average.:)

i suffer from panic attacks with just this symptom, and thats the need to keep taking a deep breath. Its horrible. Whats not normal is the need to keep taking large sighs, which is what i do when im feeling particulary anxious.

It isnt normal to want to take deep breaths very often, so i would say if your doing that then its a sign of anxiety.

Are you having any other symptoms? or are you suffering from anxiety?
Oh my gosh I was just going to do a post about this. Today I feel like I need to keep trying to take a deep breath. Like I can't get enough in. I know I am dealing with allergies and a nagging slight sinus infection that won't seem to leave. But I keep thinking I am getting asthma or something. The doc keeps checking and says no. But I have been panicking.

I had a severe panick attack a couple of weeks ago that nearly sent me to the ER. I am worried about my health all the time, worried about the bills and maybe losing our house, and now all the pressures of Christmas. I try to keep it simple. But Christmas still happens. We all feel pressured.

So...about your big breath, I think that is definately and anxiety issue. I try to do those deep cleansing breaths and do something to distract me. Hang in there! Good luck! I suffer too!

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