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Hi everyone
I'm 21 year old female and I'm nervous that I might have a serious disease.

Some background: In June I had bad abdominal pain and went to the ER. I ended up having a very large ovarian cyst. This scared me very bad. I had emergency surgery that night. I'm now on birth control. This came out of no where and since then I have been concerned about my health.

Starting in October I had chest pain for about a week. I went to the doctor and had an EKG done..heart is fine. A few days after the doctor visit, my chest pain went away. Can this be a symptom of anxiety?

A couple days after the chest pain I had a panic attack (couldnt breathe for about 10min, chest tightness, etc). My dad and brother both have suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

Anyway, this was a horrible experience. Soon after that I developed tingling in both hands and feet. Its been going on for 2 months but now mainly in my feet. I also have painless muscle twitches (stress?).

My vision is also kind of off...seeing starbursts and halos around car headlights and street lights...went to an opthamologist..he said my eyes look perfect.

My question is, can this pretty much constant tingling and muscle twitches be anxiety related. I also suffer from random heart palpatations and feelingmy heart beat. I'm terrified it can be a seriuos disease like MS. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the long post.


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