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All of us with anxiety always believe we have a serious disease. Believe me, every day I still question whether or not I have something seriously wrong with me, because I have not gotten my blood work back yet to see if there is something really wrong with me.

A majority of the time, its just anxiety. A big clue about your panic attacks and anxiety, and why you get them, is probably family related. It also runs in my family because my Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Uncle E have anxiety issues. My other Uncle has anxiety and panic attacks. I believe this is where I get mine from. I also just had blood work done to rule out any other issue.

I was sent to the ER twice with panic attacks. My ECG and EKG's were both normal each time. Even the blood tests were fine. The blood tests I had done at the doctors office were specific tests like B-12, Celiacs Disease (gluten allergy), a full Thyroid panel testing including autoantibodies. Then I had kidney, liver, fasting glucose, iron and calcium. He probably added others but that was my concern. I also may get some x-rays done just to make sure.

I did notice dairy was upsetting my GI tract and causing me to feel anxious. So I stopped eating dairy. I no longer drink any caffeinated beverages or eat chocolate in very very small amounts. I dont drink alcohol any longer either. I dont smoke. I am also on lexapro and it seems to help quite a bit. I also started taking nexium for my digestive issues because I did get incredibly awful heart burn and stomach aches.

The eye spots and halos are normal. I get them on occassion. I used to get them a LOT! They were more annoying than anything and I used to question what was wrong with my eyes. I thought I was losing my eye sight, etc. Its pretty normal for anxiety sufferers.

I also suffer from heart palps from time to time. I actually woke up this morning with a racing heart beat. That is also another common symptom sufferers of anxiety complain of. The tingling and twitching yet another one. These are common symptoms.

Have you had any blood work done? Are you on any medication? or are you seeing a therapist or counselor for these issues? It would probably ease your mind to talk with someone. I find this board very helpful and this helps to see there are others going through the same thing as you. I am also going to be looking for a psychologist to talk to. I also take lexapro because my doctor thought it would be best for me. I also chose to have blood work done. I would seek whatever route you think is best. You will have the support of all of us on these boards. Good luck to you and Ill be praying for your well being!

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