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I have pretty bad OCD when it comes to health worries. the term "worrying yourself sick" applies to me, as well as hypochondriac. Anyways, going on a year now about constant blood pressure spikes worry ever since a few high readings that landed me both in the hospital and at a cardiologists office.

Got tests done and my cardiologist said everything checked out fine and that he wasn't worried about my spike ( which was around 150109 ( i don't remember exactly) eventually went to about 120 diastolic. It never got that high since, well actually i wouldn't know as i don't' like to take my BP in really anxious situations, like when my face is beet red, cause then i know it's way high. But even after getting clean bills of health, i feel great a few days after, until the worrying comes back when i have another spike. I never thought that Bp spikes were dangerous if they were anxiety related, heck! i didn't even know when your face turns red in an anxious situation that it's your BP skyrocketing! so i never worried about it before.. up until i got my hands on a home BP monitor... lol big mistake.

I just recently had tests done again after seeing a nephrologist for a high metanephrine count in my urine, got a 24 hr urine done, and blood work to rule out some adrenal gland tumor disease called Pheochromocytoma But i'm pretty sure all my problems are anxiety related, since i had it since i was very young. But all my BP spikes, anxiety symptoms share the same symptoms as that adrenal gland problem, as well as the high count in my urine, so we shale see. BUT high stress anxiety could also cause that high count, and the urine test might still show high levels, due to something i ate, or being stressed out, so who knows. Might still have to get a CT scan to totally rule it out.

Ok sorry about all that back story! back to the Effexor. Will that help with my constant health worry about my BP as well as anxiety? i was prescribed 75 mg a day, but have yet to start it cause i want to get my lab results back forst and make sure i don't have that adrenal gland problem ( which i really doubt i do, unless it only happens during social situations)

Before you say " read the side effects and withdrawals!!!!!! I already did, and yea they can be brutal, but i don't want to skip out on this med just in case it is " the one" that helps with my anxiety issues. One of the side effects though i'm worried about is high blood pressure lol, thats all i need! Plus the fact i'm taking a beta blocker that keeps my heart rate down, it can negate the effects of beta blockers. So maybe i shouldn't have been prescribed this in the first place? I already tried two SSRi's in the past, Paxil CR and lexapro. Didn't help much at all. I think my GP thought no other SSRi's would work, and went to the SSNRI instead. I thought you should go through all the SSRis first though before trying something different? oh well, i'm not a doctor so who knows!

Also before i'm told to do these things that i already do/did:

* yes i exercise*
* yes i take fish oil*
* yes i cut out caffeine, that didn't help though with my anxiety, so i started drinking coffee again*
* yes i talked to a psychologist, talking it out didn't help, and the hypnosis treatment he did was laughable*
* yes i eat healthy*

I swear though, all the forums/websites i checked out almost everyone complains about effexor xr and the withdrawals. I'm kinda mad my doctor didn't even mention them to me. So which is why i'm not sure if i should just go see her again and tell her we should try more of the stronger SSRis first. Wouldn't that make much more sense?

Thanks for any help and happy and healthy new year!

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