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Hello everyone.

I have been pretty sick for going on 2 years. The problem seems to be this constant nausea that comes and go's whenever it pleases. mostly when Im nervous about something which seems to be very very often for some reason. Im starting to think maybe I have a generalized panic disorder. This nervous feeling rarly leads to throwing up but I alwats feel like I may. It also interfers with things I would wanna do on a normal basis. anywhere I go, the first thing I do is look to see where the bathroom is in case i need to run there. I had it checked out at the doctors thought it was acid reflux but the pills they gave me were strong and did nothing. Any thoughts?

P.s. When I'm alone, I generally feel better. Its when I know Im going on a long trip with people or will be around a large group of people. HELP PLEASE

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