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It seemed to have started somewhat when I got new puppies after my older dog had to be put to sleep. I wanted to wait until after surgery, but my father wanted me to get a pup (then we got another after thinking it needed a companion)

The anxiety seemed to build to the time I was to go in for hernia surgery. I was in the hospital for 16 days, (the first surgery did not take, so they had to do another) getting out Dec. 16. Ever since, even after stopping the pain pills (Vicodin) after a couple nights because I thought it made my anxiety worse.

I was on morphine and other drugs for pain. Even though this is Jan. 8, i still suffer anxiety. It's like when you had a big sudden scare, and the feeling you have after the scare is over. But the feeling continues and there is nothing triggering it, that I know of.

I can get away from the pups and lay down, and I do get so tired, I go to sleep, however it's only for about an hour or 2, then I wake up with anxiety again.

I was recently started on Celexa, and also take Ativan, and Xanax, the Xanax seems to work better of the 3, but only a little.

I may have to have more surgery done, because something isn't right it seems with my hernia repair.

If only i could get over my anxiety (and depression, when I take Wellbutrin and Invega for) I could enjoy life, but I cannot enjoy much because my body feels like it's in the fight or flight mode (more a flight mode). I want to escape these feelings, because they are ruining my life.

I cannot see my shrink for a couple more weeks and I might be in the medical hospital by then for more surgery, and he won't prescribe anything else until i see him.

What can a person do? Go to a mental hospital and hope they can help me there? That would put my father (elderly) and brother (mentally disabled) at a great inconvenience.

Why is it you can get help for your body at an ER, but if it's your mind, there is no help?

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