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I know where you are coming from Kaseyjcf! As i post this i couldn't tell you the last time i slept a full night without waking up 5 or more times. I have a doctor that only now, after by her orders get test after test done... it's like some doctors don't wnat to hear you have an anxiety problem, or just want to rule anything else out. But it took MONTHS before she would finally prescribe me something for my anxiety! as opposed to my old doctor, who i would go and tell him what type of anxiety medications seem to work for people that i read about on these boards, and he would let me try them. Of course none of them worked for me! But what doesn't work for me can work for you, which is why you need to try, and keep trying until you find the right one.

When i took lexapro i would have been better off taking a m&m, same with paxil. Not saying they wont work, or don't, but for me they had no effect. I "thought" they did help, but i'm willing to bet anything it was just a placebo effect, cause while taking them i still had panic attacks, but just the fact i was taking them made me "think" i was getting better and I forced myself out, thinking i can't have a panic attack now! this medication is blocking the part in my brain that causes the anxiety.... only to have more panic attacks. No where near strong enough to make me feel comfortable. Some people complaining about medications numbing them out...but to tell you the truth thats what i and some people with severe anxiety need until they find a good CBT program to get involved in to retrain their brain.

Whats good for you though is your probably just having this anxiety cause of whats going on with your husband, and it's probably not a chemical imbalance in your brain. Since it's only been a year. Alot of doctors wont really precribe anything to people who just say they are feeling anxious about a certain event, cause it usually means you don't have anything wrong. From my experience it's frowned upon for any doctor to hear that A. you have bad anxiety B. You can't sleep. cause while you may have these problems, most doctors think it's just a patient trying to get5 benzos or sleeping pills to get high and numb themselves out. lol it's not funny but every time i go and see my doctor i tell her i can't sleep! I even mentioned if i should take some supplements to try and help me sleep, but she said they don't work.
I Do wnat sleeping pills.. but i want them TO SLEEP lol.

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