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"Why would a doctor even do that though? like they should know what meds interact with other meds. Next time i'm going to go with a list of some meds i read about working for people, and see what she says! cause i mean, It just seems like some doctors have no clue when it comes to prescribing anxiety medications."

I couldn't agree more!!! It's so frustrating because you put trust into your doctors to decide what is medically best for your specific situation, and at times, it seems as though they aren't thinking within your best interest. For example, I went the doctor yesterday about SEVERE anxiety and panic attacks that I think were largely due to the fact that I was very recently raped. Any tramatic experience is probably going to induce severe anxiety problems. So instead of prescribing me a medicine that works quickly and effectively for severe anxiety, he ultimately decided to give me BuSpar which is ineffective for severe anxiety and can take a few weeks to a month to notice any changes in anxiety levels. Even with that, it still isn't as effective as lets say Xanax or Klonopin. Not to mention that it can pose as a fatal combination with Celexa, my anti depressant. It bothers me to know that some doctors are so willing to pass out medicine without really knowing what they're giving people. It's not only unsafe, but it's unfair to the people that put their trust into these health care professionals to make the best medicinal choices possible. :(

Wow...I'm sorry that happened to you. It's crazy but i don't understand why doctors wont even give like a months supply of something like xanax, and or klonopin just to see how you react, and for people who really need it? If they are so worried about their patients getting hooked ( which makes no sense, since they prescribe a SSRI which also makes people hooked) then why wouldn't they prescribe something that helps them get through the day? Next time tell them that you are going to to just drink cause thats the only thing that helps settle your anxiety. To this day, after trying a bunch of SSRI's .. the only thing that has helped my anxiety has been alcohol! and i don't feel like drinking myself to death. But my docs have yet to find the right medication for me.

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