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I think that Bluebelle 39 gave a very accurate comment in her last post. I used to experience this burning feeling, very intensely throughout my whole body, but mainly in my back. It felt like "fire" washing over my back, I didn't know that if I would have calmed down about it, it would have gone away. I discovered that the answer to ending it for good, was to calm down. This answer came as I laid down to meditate. I was actually trying to get to sleep, since I hadn't slept for a day and a half. I managed to get calm and the feeling went away, but I stopped meditation because I hadn't fallen asleep, and it came back, even worse. I had the thought come to mind, that I should tell myself that it feels good. Amazingly enough, the feeling turned from "fire" to "water", I know this probably sounds strange, but it happened. I never felt the "fire" again. So to me, the explanation of it being because of a chemical reaction, makes sense. When we experience different emotions, different chemicals come into play, so since I went from anguish to pleasure, the chemicals had the change required to get away from the painful feelings incurred by all the anxiety I had been experiencing. It really is mind over matter, cause we can choose to pursue ways of getting away from anxiety. I'd have say that one of the most helpful ways to get away from anxiety is to do something that you enjoy, every day. Make it a habit. Also, take time out of your life, to acknowledge your good qualities (No Matter How Small They Are) In the same light, take time out of your life to acknowledge the good qualities in others (even if it's someone you hate) Smile, because if you do, it's just one more thing that will make you smile, lol. There are plenty of things in life to smile about, you just have to make sure that you look for them. It's a skill that is worth pursuing!!! Maybe some health balls will help (yin yang balls) it's a form of physical meditation, which distracts the mind from what it is doing, and can allow us to think more clearly about what needs to be figured out. Another thing is EFT (Emotional Fitness Training) one of the techniques taught is "tapping," like when a person taps their fingers because they're bored. It helps them to focus on what they're doing.

Sometimes I read out loud, to me, it can let me experience the book (or whatever I'm reading) more, and gives me a way to experience emotions that I wouldn't have experienced otherwise. Plus, it gives me practice, practice for how to talk to people, since for a long time, I was a recluse. I've noticed a great amount of improvement in my ability to hold a meaningful conversation with others. I used to be to shy, so shy that I couldn't even say "hello" or when someone I had just met was leaving, I was too shy to say how I felt, which was "It was nice to meet you!" I've found cheerfulness, instead of anxiety. I hope this helps someone, because it certainly helped me. Take Care!:wave:

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