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really. im 19 years old and i feel like im dieing. the worst 2 months of my life. my social life has been ruined because of anxiety and panic disorder. ive had 3 ekgs a ultrasound of my stomach, rectal exam, full blood work through my moms doctors office and a physical.blood pressure everything all normal. im 5'7 120lbs. all tests came back normal for everything.i been having pains all around my chest back and abdomen, muscle weakness, cant sleep and a change in bowel movement. every morning it starts off every morning now i get the feeling of bowel movements and after about 30 minutes i can go. most of the time i go. and occasionally throughout the day and night it will happen where i go a little bit. its not diahhria but alot of the time it just doesnt look normal and sometimes it is which scares me.i yawn so much throughout the day like im tired but most of the time im not tired at all. im told that i have somatization disorder that is causing all this which is causing severe anxiety to me thinking im dieing. sometimes my muscles are weak and sometimes i just dont want to get up to go out. i am convinced that i have cancer or m.s. for some reason. ive just been put on lexapro 5mg a day for 5 days so far and klonopin .5 mg twice a day to help me but i feel nothing from either of the medications besides some of the pain going away. i still get chest pain and my bowel function hasnt improved much. i see a therapist but these thoughts are always in my mind. what to do anymore. none of the tests are giving me reassurance that im ok even though all the doctors said i dont need any mri's because i am fine. school starts in 2 days and im going crazy. all im lookin for is some reassurance or anyone going through the same symptoms. its killing me inside.

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