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Hey Everyone,
A great forum!! Damn, didn't landed here earlier.

I'm not sure whats wrong with me. Here is what I'm going through.

1. Test on 24th December 2008
I prepared for this test for a few months. On 23rd night, I was unable to sleep. Its like thoughts won't stop coming in my head. I took 1.25mg Alprazolam and then I slept at 2am. Next day I was okay, till the test started, I was excessively worried and was hyper. In the end, I screwed up two sections out of four.

2. Test on 4th Jan 2009
Another major one. On 3rd night I was unable to sleep till 3am, no matter how hard I tried I was unable to sleep. Strange thoughts would keep on pouring in my brain, sometimes I was in space ship, sometimes I was on top a hill, all absurd stuff, but they won't stop, the harder I try sleeping the more deeper these thoughts would prevail. So, I took zolpedim 2.5mg and slept somewhere around 3:30am. Got up at 8am, and I need 8hrs sleep to feel normal. Next I took Modafinil 100mg, so that I won't fall asleep during test, and as I thought previous night, the test was screwed.

Now when I'm cool and I analyze the test paper, I get all the answers right with 99% accuracy.

Problems which I face:
1. I can't sleep no matter how hard I try. It takes me more than 4hrs to fall sleep once I hit the bed. I maintain all sleep hygiene but all in vain. Sometimes even 5mg of Zolepidm can't knock me down.

2. I feel sleepy and lazy all day, I also yawn a lot.
3. I lack attention, and I cannot concentrate.
4. I get anxious, and thoughts won't stop flowing, its generally about my career, and future.
5. Bad Dreams do comes in at times and gets me off the sleep which I got somehow, next I can't sleep and my head keeps on aching.

I ain't much depressed nor do I feel bad about anything. Its just that I don't feel right about anything.

Doctor's advice:
I was into some sort of depression in mid 2008. Doc gave me Mirtazopam. The med was too strong for me, so I discontinued it and concentrated on other remedies to be stress free and not depressed. I took some good Multivats and did some exercise, and I was out of depression.

Next for sleep problems, I was advised Zolepidm. It does make me fall sleep, but it doesn't makes my brain stop thinking.

Alprazolam was also advised, it was okay but it caused severe constipation, so I have a big no no for this drug. Moreover it doesn't work that well.

I'm 24yr old and already feel at times I've lost it.
I would highly appreciate if someone can help me with my problems. I have another test coming up in 2weeks and I don't wanna screw it.


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