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Thanks for all the advice zekat, i really appreciate it. Also the help on the BP forum on here. Not sure if you read but i don't have a pheo ( which i knewwas just anxiety!)

Yea, i know i would feel 100 times better if i got a full nights sleep! it's like even when i do fall asleep, something wakes me up, like my dog to go outside lol. Here is an example from my last night sleeps;

go into bed at 3 am
Lay in bed toss and turn until 5 am
fall asleep at 5 am
wake up at 8 am
lay in bed until 8:45
fall back to sleep at 8:45
Dog wakes me up at 10 am to go outside
Get back into bed 10:10
fall back to sleep until 12 pm
wake up :)

It's not healthy at all to not get a full nights sleep, especially for us people with anxiety. PLUS the fact i exercise alot, so between the anxiety, exercise and not sleeping my body must be stressed out to the max.

I've actually taken .5 xanax in the past for anxiety and it didn't do anything for me. My old doctor told me to try taking two, that didn't work either, then i tried 3, lol still felt the same. I think i need a HUGE dose, but i don't want to be zombified the rest of my life :dizzy: Same thing happened with klonopin. Maybe Valium or Ativan might be better? I'm really curious about trazodone. I'm starting to think i might really be immune to all anxiety meds lol.

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