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Hi hmp,

You may want to consider having your hormones tested. These go haywire during pregnancy and perhaps you were left with an imbalance which is causing all of the symptoms you are describing, including the anxiety. You cannot go on living like this and you need to get yourself checked out for yourself and for your son.

As for the lymph nodes, they can do this from time to time and in my youth I used to have a couple of lymph nodes that came up and remained that way for some time before going back down. When I was a child this worried my mother and my doctor and I was tested for lymphoma but it wasn't that. The lymph nodes in your neck are usually the ones that fight off viral infections like flu virus etc.. so you may have been exposed to something (perhaps through your son ? little children pick up everything when they are at that age). I personally take a multivitamin everyday (just the basic one) plus 1000 mg of vitamin C (the slow release type as too much vitamin C at one time is a waste and you end up flushing it down the toilet in your urine). I sincerely believe in vitamin C, especially in winter when we are exposed to more bacteria and viruses because we don't go outside in the fresh air as much.

My personal experience has been less colds and flu and my lymph nodes never come up like they used to (sometimes I can feel them a little but nowhere near what used to happen ... like two marbles side by side). After I hit the age of 40 I also began to eat better (more fruits and veggies, protein and less carbs .. snacks consist of nuts that are high in calcium, magnesium and omega 3 like almonds and walnuts) and I now limit my alcohol intake to only a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend (I used to drink 1-2 drinks per day). I walk when I can get the opportunity and let me tell you that this helps A LOT for anxiety as it increases the serotonin levels in your brain and makes you feel better. A simple 30-40 minute walk with your son everyday would do the trick .. a good idea is to make this a daily routine and to have a little treat afterwards like stopping off at a coffee shop or taking a snack with you to the park or something like that.

Get yourself checked for these things because anxiety like you are experiencing, especially if it something new that was not present before your pregnancy, can mean a hormone or brain chemical imbalance. While you are having yourself checked, try to take control over your destiny by trying out some of my suggestions. I recently went through a few years of exactly what you are describing as when I hit the 40 year old mark, I started to have all sorts of problems and each and every time I was convinced it was some sort of terminal illness (my doctor also got to know me better during this time). In my case, I am convinced that I had a hormone imbalance after being 20 years on the birth control pill. One year after being off of it, I am much better (not to mention my irregular bleeding has stopped .. although I am left with an 8 cm ovarian cyst on my left ovary which we are watching with regular ultrasounds).

I hope I have been of some assistance. Hang in there and remember that what you are feeling is only temporary.

All the best,


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