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Since I’ve been young I’ve always had diarrhea when I get anxious however gradually as the years have passed my anxiety flares up on really trivia matters which is stopping me doing things and ruining my social life. When I was little I might get anxious (and therefore have diarrhea) before boarding an aeroplane, starting new school, going to the dentist (phobia of mine) etc but it has progressed to the point of before seeing friends or going out shopping I’ll get anxious. Sometimes I’ll wake up and feel great but then think about my lack of anxiety which then caused anxiety; at the moment I’m thinking about going to the pub tomorrow night and it is making me anxious – I can basically think myself into having diarrhea. Is there anything I can do naturally to stop the nervous stomach?

Thanks for any help in advance.
Maybe try some anxiety med's or they have anti spasmodic med's for your stomach. The anti spasmodic meds are supposed to be smooth muscle relaxers and that is what your colon is. Ask your doc about both.
I too have this same issue, it has gotten worse as I have gotten older, any LITTLE thought of oh my gosh and nervous feeling sets it off and I am going for 3 days! I also have IBS so it makes things even more miserable, once it starts there is no stopping it unless i load up on imodium, i would love to be on something every day to keep things calm but i am not good with meds, i have xanax for as needed for anxiety but that doesnt stop it and i dont like taking that either. appointments, life upsets, ANYTHING is now a trigger for me. so maybe someone else has dealt with this also and has some ideas..if i ever get to the Dr again I am goign to ask and see what they reccommend...
Thanks for the replies and my sympathies to EchoeB42. Does anyone get nausea due to anxiety? I often get it, normally in short bouts of 30 mins or so then I’m ok; unfortunately I have a phobia of throwing up which increases my anxiety – it is a bit like the chicken or the egg sometimes. I’m too anxious to go to the doctor :rolleyes:
I used to have diarrhea from a nervous stomach, but since I'm now taking so many meds. that cause constipation, I have THAT problem to deal with. When I did have diarrhea, I'd take several doses of Imodium and/or Xanax. My mother used to take RX meds. for her stomach. One of them was Lomotil and the other was Donnatol. You could ask your Dr. about those or other meds. Hope you find something that helps.
I also get diarrhea when I'm anxious, the only thing that helps me is to not get anxious, easier said than done I know too well. I do find anti anxiety meds help a lot. The nausea is there 24/7 with me, I'm unable to eat and can't stand the smell of food. Once again the solution is not to get anxious. Consider getting some help for your anxiety, you won't regret it.

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