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Feb 11, 2009
Hi. I was recently prescribed remeron 15mg for generalized anxiety and insomnia. The first day I took it I was out cold and slept for about 12 hours, was groggy all day, and ended up taking a nap that evening. The next day, I did not take it because I was drinking alcohol. Anyway, the day after I took it again and I did not feel the effects. I did not feel tired at all, so about an hour and a half later I cut one in half and took it and I finally fell asleep (totaling 22.5mg).

Tonight, I tried cutting the pill in half and taking 7.5mg because lower doses are apparently more sedating. I took it at 1:30am and did not fall asleep. I took a 15mg around 3:30 and I am still awake as I type this and it's after 4:00am. What is going on? I thought remeron was supposed to be an amazing pill.

I was on ambien 10mg for about two years and it works pretty well, but sometimes had to take 2 of them to fall asleep. My psychiatrist put me on remeron because I did not like the hallucinating effects of Ambien and I did not like the side-effects of Lexapro and Prozac. I researched remeron and it's supposed to be a strong sleep aid, but it's not working.

Should I try taking it earlier? Shoud I try taking 30mg? Or cutting it in quarters and see if the 3.75mg will work? Could it be because I'm taking the generic Mirtazapine and not the actual Remeron brand?

Please help me!

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