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Wow, itís been a long time since I've posted; so many new names and threads. Itís wonderful to see the board still active in helping so many people. My anxiety/panic attacks have been reduced to such a minimum since last summer with the help of medication. I haven't visited the board much, mainly I think because looking back at it made me think of the worst time I have ever gone through. Now coming back, it just makes me feel better knowing that this haven is still here. Learned my lesson.

A few weeks ago I suffered a little scare and now I'm feeling my anxiety steadily creep up again. I had a "heart flutter" about 3 weeks ago, one that made my heart beat feel like it flipped in my chest, then it lost its rhythm for a few minutes before it finally recovered. Went to the doctor immediately and he was NOT concerned. Said it was probably something called a PVC or PAC, benign and not harmful brought on by stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, and smoking. He was more concerned with what I would start doing because of it (looking up heart conditions online, getting amped with fear and anxiety).

Well, he called it. Since that day I have been obsessed with my heart. All I can think about it is that I have heart disease, disorder. That my heart will stop dead in its tracks. It's like I am sitting and waiting to feel that feeling again, I can't stop feeling my pulse, looking up things online (thanks to the freaking internet I have diagnosed myself with Atrial Flutter, Atrial Fib, Miocarditis...ugh). I'm pretty much ok during the day, when I go to bed at night though I start to have palpitations or strange feelings in my chest and throat, every time I get panicked and then they just get worse. Last night I finally took a xanax and I made it to sleep. I guess I should feel better knowing that if the drug made them stop, itís clearly anxiety related.

I just needed to vent, I've been holding all of this in for weeks now and I certainly don't want to fall back into my pattern of last summer (complete meltdown). Has anyone else experienced these heart symptoms and been told it was not heart health related, just anxiety? Whatís funny is that these only seem to happen when I feel CALM!!! I have quit smoking and barely have any caffeine now. Not fun.

Thanks as always, for any comments to this annoyingly long post :-) Shelly
I atually get this at night and it gets ALOT worse the week before my period I've noticed. As we speak I am having weird feelings in my chest and heart palps right now. My anxiety hit me like a rock just 4 weeks ago and hasn't let up, I've noticed its about 10 times worse during the week before my period. I am only 26 but as I said just started. I wanted to let you know though, I thought for sure my heart was dying and that it would just quit, I was prepared to not wake up in the monring some nights because of it. I also jump on the computer and start looking up symptoms which can be ANYTHING. I have been tested out the roof for everything possible and everything is healthy and negative. Anxiety does this alone. I hate it~!
Hi Shelly,
When I read your post, I would've sworn I wrote it. I have been having this weird heart thing for about two months now, mostly at night when I am getting ready to go to sleep. I also have the throat spasms that you described and I think they started the anxiety about it. I am obsessed about my heart, always checking my pulse and afraid I am going to drop dead or not wake up in the morning. I had all the tests done too, but it has been over a year ago since the tests and so I am now thinking well maybe I was fine then but....

One thing you also mentioned in your second post is the hormone thing, these palpitations or whatever they are started about two months after I went off the pill. I had been on the pill for almost ten years and then my husband had a vascetomy so I went of, after two months my anxiety went through the roof and then the heart thing. I know it is related. I went back on the pill and that has helped the anxiety and depression but the palps are still there. I know it is anxiety logically but I always think what if. My GP and my Gyno both said it is stress as well.

I don't have the best advice other than to ignore it but I am not doing a great job at that. I just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone.
That is exactly it, I am a pulse checker, I check it every night. No reason why just OCD and health anxiety. One night, I felt what I would call extra beats and the anxiety and obsession was on. I told my obgyn about it and she said anxiety and so did the gp. I know that is right because it only happens when I am anxious about it happening and if I didn't go looking for it i wouldn't even feel it. Craaazy! The throat thing is also very disturbing, it feels like muscle spasms to me. I have googled it and it sounds like esophogeal spasms, but they are also worse when I am anxious or worried about them. Hopefully we will get past this or at least move on to another ailment less disturbing.
Hi, i have experienced this happened one day out of the blue, i was with a friend...and i was riding in the car..then all of a sudden i felt my heart flutter..or just miss a beat or something. And it didnt really scare me that much..until it started happening more frequently threw out the next couple of lasted about 9 night the fluttering sensations were coming so frequent i went into the ER because i thought i was gonna have a heart attack or something. So they hooked my up to this EKG thing..and they my heart was beating really fast...ive never had my blood drawn..but that night was the first night i did..and when the lady braught the needle in to draw my blood my heart rate went sky was beating around 100-110 then it jumped to 137..i was so nervous tho from the then everything came back normal and i was sent home..i followed up with my family doctor..and she wanted me to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours..well something happened with the heart monitor so i didnt get my results back..and now my fluttering sensations decreased a my family doctor put me on some anxiety medicine..."busiprone" half 2 times a day..also i was on my period for about 3 weeks..with big scared me to went to get my thyriod checked and my hormones...she jus said to take a daily vitamin with iron in thats what i have been doiing and the fluttering has stopped..but every once in a while i can feel my heart beating fast..when i go up the stairs or something..i stopped drinking caffiene, i never drank coffee, and im on a really strict diet...due to the fact im over weight. I just thought i would share my experience and i wish this would i go away so we dont have to deal with it...just live our lives...

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