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[QUOTE=wrkgirl;3889532]My dr. wouldn't prescribe me Xanax because he said it's too addicting so he gave me Ativan and I was wondering how well it worked for people and what your side effects were?[/QUOTE]

I find that very strange because Ativan/lorazepam and Xanax/alprazolam are from the same family of drugs the "benzodiazepines". So they have the same addictive properties.

I have been using Ativan/lorazepam for years and it works well for me. I have 1mg tablets but usually only take a half a tablet,but ocassionally will take a whole one.

It works well for me in calming me. At first they used to make me sleepy, but I've been taking them so long they don't bother me at all now. I used to take them on an as needed basis, but now I take half in the morning and half in the afternoon. I am on two other anti anxiety meds as well as an anti depressant for depression and anxiety.

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