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switching meds: NeVER ever go off an antidepressant cold turkey. You turn into a total troll. SOunds like what happened to you. When I went off paxil, the doctor told me go down to 30mg/day for a week (i started at 40), then the next week go down to 20mg, then 10mg, then 5mg/day. yeah, more than a month to slowly go down. I think this is why teenagers commit suicide sometimes on these meds, they blow them off for a half week or a week and their depression spikes. maturity has its benefits.

And, each of these antidepressants operates on its own wavelength, so you can't for instance swap out 20mg of Paxil and replace it with 20mg of Prozac. The Prozac will take the usual month to ramp up from zero, meanwhile the Paxil dropoff will instantly turn you into one of those Night of the Living Dead zombies.

Lexapro is supposed to be better than Paxil, averaged over all patients. The list of SEs for these drugs is a laundry list of every SE ever suffered by anybody on the drug. Most of them you won't get, and the severity of each you do get is unpredictable until you start on it. So, go by what happened to you, not what it says in the book.

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