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Hi everyone! I am new to these boards but am glad to find an active community of others experiencing these issues. I have a severe generalized social phobia and my 7 year old daughter has always been very anxious all the time. It used to be in social situations but we put her in dance and gymnastics and she has overcome that, but she still has a lot of anxiety in general that is affecting her at school.

I had a meeting with her teacher yesterday and she informed me she is considering retaining my daughter this year even though she is ahead of the class in the actual work. She said she is very "unsure of herself" and she thinks the anxiety will prevent her from working independantly in second grade. i am very upset because I know her anxiety disorder will only be made worse if she has to repeat a grade. I know it is not the answer and have half a year to show some improvement and convince this teacher she can handle second grade, anxiety and all.

If anyone can give some tips on how to deal with anxiety in a child please help, or point me to a book or something maybe? I am up in the air about going to her doctor because I really don't want her on medication. I would like to try teaching her some relaxation techniques to calm her nerves first, to see if it can't be fixed with that.

She is functioning, but she gets very nervous about getting the wrong answers or doing something incorrectly, and it causes her to zone out and constantly try to check her answers off other's papers. This is why the teacher is concerned she can't work independantly, because she looks at those around her to check her answers instead of just doing it on her own. If I have talked with her and told her she needs to keep her eyes on her own paper, not sure yet if that will make her more nervous not being able to do that.

anyway, I'm glad to find this group for my own issues as well as my daughter's now. I am highly emotional right now and probably not thinking it through clearly. I need some time to accept she has the same issues I have. It's hard watching your children suffer and knowing what that anxiety feels like.
My daughter was like this as well. She was severe for several years during the middle of grade 1 until around end of grade 4, and a little during grade 5. Now in grade 6 she has changed a lot. It is very stressful.

Not sure where you live but I'm in Ontario Canada and they have all kinds of stuff for kids who need extra help in the classroom, so they can continue in the grade they are in. They will do anything in their power to not hold a child back a grade.

My daughter is on an IEP (individual education plan), so that some of her lessons are accommodated to her learning. Examples during grade 3 and 4 she would have to do a grade lower math. She can get extra time for tests, just yesterday she couldn't finish her math test and was being allowed 20 more minutes after lunch break in a quiet room.

I also had my daughter see a specialist and get a diagnosis and we spent time learning and practicing relaxation techniques. That way you can get the backing of a doctor.

There is so much available to students with disabilities now, I can't see why they would want to hold her back a year if she is doing well other than her anxiety.

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