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I was wondering if anyone experiences any weird symptoms and if this can really be cause by anxiety. I've been through numerous tests numerous drs. everything, and i'm wondering if my mind can really be this overwhelmed to make all these weird things happen to my body.

Each and EVERY day I have constant anxiety, and have been like that for the past year. I've learned to cope with it a little bit, but when I have the attacks it's the worst. I feel so disabled when in the midst of a panic attack. Like this can't be real and that I just know I'm going to die because no one is ever supposed to feel this bad unless there on there death bed.

I also get these weird muscle spasm and I get anxiety and feel like i'm not in this world at all when I go certain places like the gym, or anywhere for that matter. I just feel like I can literally see right through people, it's so awkward. Also when I don't get enough sleep it seems to send my anxiety into an uproar and it's like my mind knows my body is physically worn down, but it just won't shut down and go to sleep because I start to worry and have an attack and think i'm going to faint and no one will be here to revive me.

Sorry my post is lengthy but it's been to long and I've had to take a year off of school and off of sports because of this and I've been dealing with it for the past 2 years, I'm enrolling back in college next fall and just want to be normal and not have this huge burden of anxiety on my shoulders. I take klonopin .5 mg twice daily which does seem to work.

I also get bad bouts of acid reflux and my sleeping habits are horrible along with my eating habits. Not that i lost my appetite just that everything I eat seems to go right through me. Which poses my main problem. My STOMACH. I have horrible gas pains, also a burning sensation almost constantly (not acidic related), cramps, occasional nausea, and unexplainable feelings in my stomach that are sometimes horrid.

I've had a colonoscopy and upper GI which they found nothing at all and just think I have IBS and most of it's from my nerves but I'm just wondering can this truely be the cause. I feel alone like no one can relate because I feel so terrible and my life has been altered so much from this I just need some reassurance or someone that can connect to parts of what I'm saying. Anything, I mean anything would help.. Please leave a post of some of the weird symptoms you've experienced or some reassurance.

thanks and god bless.

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