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I have had similar problems. I could have written what you wrote.
One bad thing was no matter how tired I was I would go to bed and soon after would get panic and would be wide awake for hours again.
I tried lexapro,paxal,zolof and did not like the way they made me fell.
I was using zanax for acute attacks.
I went through about 6 weeks of hell. Trying all these different meds.
I also had the not being able to eat if I did try it made me gag. I lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks.
I found a new medical person in a physc offfice. I think her title is Dr. Assistant or some such thing.
All she does is try to get people on the meds that make them fell better.
Then if you want consulting you see the doc.
Any way she stopped all the meds and started me on ClorazDipot (generic name) For general anxiety disorder. They come in all different strengths.
I ended up on two 7.5mg at night and one 7.5mg in morning. They last as long as 16 hours and work like zanax (only works about 3 hours).
Anyway I finally fell like a normal human being again and can function all day with out the symptoms I had. And am sleeping normally. Also my insurance does not cover this class of drug. It's going to cost me about $105.00 a month but the way they make me better is worth it I will find a way to get the money.
This was a God send for me. Hope this helps.

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