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Hi Jennypreininger
Hope you are well as can be.....
I am on the anxiety boards as I used to suffer with dreadful anxiety for many many years I owuld get freaked out about everything my childrenn my husband you name it......
It turned out I had aB12 deficiency my sister my son and my daughter have it too Mysister has been on meds for depression and anxiety for years it was given to me but I didnt take it for long it did nothing just made me a zombie......My son has anxiety but the B12 has helped well.....

I have read your post here and you mention pains in your legs and stabbing pains another symptom sof B12 deficiency......Do you have pins & needles too, headaches,palpitations,confusion,memory problems,stomach problems,sore muscles,aching joints,fatigue,sleeping problems,balance problems ,abnormal blood tests, thyriod problems diabetes,any one else in your family suffer with this........

it would be good to get checked for this with the following tests
Serum B12
Red Cell Folate
Iron studies

The only form of b12 I take is Methylcobalamin I have injections and take the Sublinguals from jarrows and some cofactors ...

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