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I need help
Mar 12, 2009
I've had anxiety for about a year, but's just got out of control.

I've gone to the doctors a few times now only to be told there's nothing much wrong with me. But I'm convinced there is. Every month it's something different. I've thought I had cancer, a brain tumour, TB, etc. I'm even starting to worry the doctor is getting annoyed with me- thinking I'm wasting his time by keep on going there thinking I have something wrong with me. I'm scared my friends think I pretend to think there's something wrong me for attention, but I don't. I'm just so worried I can't contain it and have to tell them.

I've currently got extremely bad chest pains. I developed this a few days away and the pain is constantly there. Sometimes when I move to a certain position the area of pain twinges. And it hurts to push down on this area. It's in the middle of my chest, slightly to the left. I've read about anxiety chest pain and it sounds very similar to this. I went to the doctors yesterday and she said it was down to anxiety. But I don't think she's right and I want to see another doctor. Atm I think I have breast cancer..due to these chest pains and another embaressing symptom.. I tell my parents I think I've got it and they just tell me I'm paranoid and that there's nothing wrong with me. But I'm so convinced there is and it's taking over my life. I worry to the point where I'm shaking and feel sick because I imagine being told I've got cancer by a doctor and then start to imagine going through the illness and being close to death- and it terrifies me.

I've also become socially phobic where I get very nervous out in public. I don't go out on weekends because I'd rather feel safe in the comfort of my home. I even feel worried sick when I'm left home alone because I think someone is watching me and will eventually realise the pattern of me being left home alone until eventually they break in and kidnap/kill me. Lately I've even started having obsessive thoughts like- what if someone breaks into my school with a gun and shoots me? Then I start to imagine that being on the news and start thinking how it's possible because it's happened in schools before.

My point is.. I'm just so sick of feeling like this. I'm crying almost every night over it..worrying.. I just wish I could be normal and not think like this. My parents think it's down to the car accident I was in when I was 11, but I'm not so sure. I'm considering asking my parents for a phychologist or some type of prescription from the doctors to help me. Because these chest pains are just causing me to worry even more and I feel like I'm about to suffocate. It's making me so depressed and upset, and I just feel too impotent to help myself.
Re: I need help
Mar 14, 2009
@ Worrybucket- Thank you, I will mention it to my doctor!

@ catheryn- Wow, it's quite shocking to hear about how long you and other people have fought with anxiety and how hard it has been. I know what you mean about other people though, I feel like no one understands what I'm going through. Having anxiety is definately a lot worse than people think it is. They don't understand that your worries are constantly on your mind and that you have to battle with that everyday. It sounds like CBT is a good option seeing as a few on here have now recommended it. I'm not sure if I'd like to take any medication for it though, I'm not too keen on the idea of taking medication for mental reasons. The only things I've been doing lately to try and help my anxiety is too take deep breaths to ease the pain in my chest and also having some hot drinks to help calm myself. I'm going back to the doctors on monday to get my latest worry checked out and if it turns out there is nothing wrong with me, I will definately enquire about a psychologist. Thanks for the advice. I'll let you know how monday goes.

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