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Some people find the lexapro makes them a bit tired, so you might find the ambien and the lexapro might make you a bit on the tired/sluggish side. My dad took ambien a few times (he's on lexapro) and found he was drug out the next day. Have you discussed with your doctor the possibility of seeing if the lexapro helps you sleep? Sometimes ADs will cause some tiredness which, if you're suffering from insomina or problems sleeping, might not be a bad thing!

Definitely talk to your doctor about your concerns, especially if you're worried about taking either medication. They might not be right for you in the end, but they could work wonderfully. Sometimes finding the right mix of meds (ADs/Anti anxiety meds) can be a process, but once you do find a treatment plan that works for you you'll feel better than you ever have! It's been a process for me, one of which I'm still working on, but I know it'll be worth it in the end. Hang in there and talk to your doctor and also keep us posted on your experiences on both drugs.
Thank you everyone for your replies. I started the Lexapro yesterday and by the end of the day I felt pretty drained. I was tired but still had a hard time getting to sleep. I think I will try it a few days to get it in my system and see if it helps me sleep before I try the Ambien. I would really rather not take a sleep med if I don't have to. Again, thank you for your thoughts. I've never really had to take meds before so this is new to me and I'm just a tad uneasy about it. The most I've ever taken before was cold medicine or something for a head ache LOL!!

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