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Hello Kyliekristine,

Just know you arent alone when it comes to these horrible symptoms of panic and anxiety. I can tell you my story and relate. I was working one day just standing at the register and I was having a good day at that and all of a sudden I got this dizzy feeling like I was about to pass out on the spot. So I took a deep breath and said I needed to sit down. I went to sit down in the back room and didn't feel well. My arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, face, and mouth went tingly and started to feel completely numb. My vision became really blurry and my heart began to race. I felt like I was falling backwards when I was actually sitting in a chair. I was hyperventilating and I could not catch my breath. I felt very sick like I was about to vomit. I had no idea what was going on with me. I told them to call an ambulance and went straight to the hospital. They did full panel bloodwork on me and found nothing wrong. They came in and told me I had a panic attack and gave me xanax.

The whole night I felt in a daze, sick, and completely out of it. My brian was in a fog and I began to slowly develop irrational fears. I had to take 2 months off of work because I would not leave my house to drive. I was too afraid of getting into an accident in case I passed out while having an attack. Its a horrible thing to live through. I lost a total of 14 lbs while dealing with this. I have since gained back and am able to eat somewhat normally at times. These panic attacks have changed my life. You go about your daily routine after they have subsided thinking "are they going to come back" and when we do that, I think our brain signals that they have to come back out again. Its like a vicious cycle. Just know you are not alone.

I have found these boards to be EXTREMELY helpful during this time since I am not currently in counseling right now. I am on medication (Celexa 20mg) for my panic attacks. I was on lexapro and it worked well but my insurance no longer covered it. I used to be ANTI-ssri's and would down anyone who took them, but not until I had to go through this myself, did I realize what a lifesaver they have become to me in being able to go about my daily routine.

You have a lot of stuff on your plate. You have a son, you had surgery, and I bet you have a lot of other unresolved issues that may be there you just dont know about yet (subconscious). I know that I had anxiety for years but I am FINALLY realizing thats what it was and nothing else... they didnt manifest (the unresolved issues) I think until I started having the panic attacks and all hell broke loose. Sometimes our body does that. Its unfortunate that we have to go through these things.

We dont think your crazy, and hopefully your family will understand. The only thing you can do is continually talk to them about it and have them understand. I had to do this with my mom. She still does not like the fact that I take medication for it, but she realizes without it I wouldnt be able to function so its a decision you have to make for yourself. Most people think its crazy, but I am open to talking about it because I think it teaches people more about our problem. After a while, people begin to understand. I pray for you and hope that you find what works for you, whether it be counseling or breathing exercises and meditation or medication. Just know that it CAN be controlled and you WILL be ok. =)

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