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If your doctor put you on too high a dose of something to start with, you may want to find a different doctor. Not an easy thing to do, of course, but it may be a good idea. I don't know what type of doc you're seeing, but there are some who specialize in psychiatric drugs, and they will possibly give you multiple prescriptions to address certain aspects of your problem. For example, I was on Cymbalta daily, with something else to take at night for sleeping, and a blood pressure med to take in high-anxiety situations.

The thing to remember with the drugs is that everybody is different, and different people react differently to different drugs, and it may even be that some drugs can become less effective as time goes on. The best you can do is keep trying.

You mentioned skipping a dose of your medication to see what happens, but most anxiety meds don't work that quickly. It takes a couple weeks for most to have an effect, and skipping one day will have very little effect because there are still a few days of that medication coursing through your system. That's why withdrawal is such a concern: your body is expecting that drug to be there, and when it's not being resupplied, it causes withdrawal symptoms. Which is why it's so important to work your way gradually up with a medication, and gradually down when you decide to stop taking it, rather than cold turkey.

Very few herbal supplements have been proven to have any impact on anxiety (besides the placebo effect), and those that have are rather weak in comparison to regular meds. And homeopathy is pure placebo.

I've tried Lexapro, Effexor, Zoloft, and Cymbalta, so don't be too concerned if something doesn't work for you. Just keep trying; there are lots of drugs out there, and more being created every day.

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