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Dear Mochi and all, You do not suffer alone. I am 44 and have been suffering since my late teens with anxiety and panic. It has ruined parts of my life when I have let it control me. I don't know where to even start.

I have let my fear keep my from traveling. Although I have seen alot of the world, I have cancelled flights and not gone places because I am afraid to fly. I am afraid of health issues all the time. My fears have gotten worse into my 40's. Could be perimenopause but regardless I don't know how to fix them. I have OCD about germs and diseases. I am afraid of catching things from people. I am afraid of dying, suffering...I am afraid of choking too. I am really afraid of having allergic reactions to things and rightly so, I have plenty of allergies. I broke out in hives from head to toe after taking Immodium Ad. Every little ailment makes me ALWAYS think the worst. Why do I do that?

I am going to counseling. I have only had 3 sessions. I am trying to see if she can help me through this disorder. I too have put aside many things in my life because I am just dealing with these problems, fears and worries. Somedays I don't get much done. I type online and watch movies to try and not think about this. I have been working out and that helps. But somedays I don't because I feel lousy. I imagine alot of you can relate.

Thanks for listening!:angel:

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