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This is my first post ever on a message board like this, because before January 9th of this year I considered myself a very healthy human being. The last two months of my life have been a health nightmare and I'm hoping someone can give me some insight into what could be causing these issues and / or tell me I'm just crazy. I'll lay everything out in a timeline, so you all can get an idea for how this all went down. I should note that I am a 28 year old male smoker who exercises frequently. I know they seem like an odd combination, but I can't seem to kick the habit. I had surgery last January('08) for a sports hernia and had epiditymitis about 6 months after the surgery, which I believe may have been a side effect of the surgery.

January 8th - Went to work as normal and came home after work. My wife was still working, so I decided to go out for a run. I ran 3 miles, came back took a shower and waited for my wife to get home. We sat up and had 3-4 glasses of wine each(I know this might be a little excessive) and went to bed.

January 9th - I wake up with a moderate headache, which I assume is from the wine. I am a moderate drinker now(maybe 2-3 nights a week) and used to be a heavy drinker in college. In any case, I get to work and my headache starts to turn into a lightheaded feeling. As I'm leaving lunch witha couple of colleagues, I have what I can only assume to be the first panic attack I've ever had. I end up at the ER, they do EKG, CT Scan and Chest X-Rays and everything looks fine. They chalk it up to Bronchitis and send me on my way with antibiotic 1 and prednisone.

January 10th - February 9th The constant lightheadedness / shakiness starts and lasts for the next 4 weeks. This accomponied by 3 more panic attacks, one of which lands me again in the ER. This time they do a full blood work up, check my thyroid and a thoracic and Brain MRI on the 9th.

February 10th - I go to my GP and he tells me that my Brain MRI is clear and it isn't anything to do with my lungs, heart or head. He does say I have a sinus infection and puts me on antibiotic #2. He sends me on my way and for about 2 days I start to feel better for the first time in a month.

February 13th - Present I wake up and feel extreme nausea. I shake it off, go to work and by lunch time the nausea is worse. I feel like I have to have a BM, but I don't or if I do it's very little. I feel like I have to throw up, but actually never do. The nausea continues on and off to this day a month later. My BM has changed colors and consistency almost everyday. I don't see any blood or anything, but honestly wouldn't know what to look for. I started taking a body detox formula about 4 days ago hoping this would fix my ailment, but it only seems to have made it worse. I'm also taking a probiotic. I really don't have any stomach pain, but the nausea and lightheadedness makes me feel like I could pass out, but again I don't. My doctor put me on Xanax(1MG) and is convinced it's Anxiety.

The Xanax helps some, but the nausea is still there. I do notice that when I start to get a panic attack, I get an intense burning sensation in my stomach and esophogus. I feel like crap all day and it consumes me almost 24/7. The only time I feel better is when I sleep. The triggers for the feeling like crap seem to be almost everything. I've convinced myself I have Cancer or some other horrific stomach disease. Has anyone else ever experienced this sort of thing and am I crazy or could this actually be something wrong?

Thanks for any help. Below is the complete symptoms list.

Stomach discomfort- Casuses Panic
Nausea Constantly - Causes Panic
Odd Head palpitation sensations
Can't stand the cold at all. Fingers and feet go numb
Light Headed - Has been less lately but comes and goes and sometimes feels like I am going to pass out.
Anxiety - Brought on by just about anything short of sitting on my couch at home and even then it occurs sometimes.
I'm sure I forgot some.....

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