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My son has been having anxiety for many years.. he's a worrier like me and like me (I was told I passed this on to him) has anxiety. The past month it has been different. He wakes at night in full panic mode.. I can relate and empathize because I have been there. I'm not sure what is causing this panic but it seems to be getting worse. He isn't sleeping or eating well and he has been crying alot.. probably due to emotional exhaustion. I made an appt for him to see a psychiatrist but they can't see him until May 7th.. I'm looking for a different one so he can get in sooner. I'm just very concerned. I don't know what triggered this panic, neither does he, and I am at a loss as to helping him!! As a lifelong sufferer I know that nothing I can say to him will talk him down from a panic attack.. Lord knows I've been trying!! This is so very heart breaking to watch a young child going through this. I myself am on Xanax and haven't had a panic attack in years but remember them all to well. What types of things can they do to help younger kids with this problem? I don't think he's depressed and hate to see them stick him on an AD and him suffer all those terrible side effects... not to mention it takes weeks for it to kick in. Is it possible they may give him something to take on an as needed basis? This happens primarily at night, he does pretty well during the day when he's busy it's the night when he has panic attacks and loses sleep... sigh

Sorry it's so long.. thanks for any help :)

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