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I have been on Lexapro 20mg for over 6 months now, and within the past 2 months I have started to feel extremely tired about an hour after I take my pill. Throughout the day I can no longer complete simple tasks like I used to and frequently blow off work to lay in bed all day. I have to take multiple naps throughout the day and no matter how many hours of sleep I get or excersize I am still extremely exhausted. My eyes constantly feel heavy and I don't go out much anymore because I don't really feel like getting ready. When I do go out, or if I am driving, I feel spaced out and "not all there." I don't feel sad at all, I just feel like a slug and that I don't care much about doing things that need to get done. It is almost like I am TOO relaxed. Lexapro has helped me with my anxiety and depression, but i'm wondering if I need to slowly taper off of it at this point or try another medication? I don't seem to get excited about things either, and just mostly numb with occasional happiness. I'm really confused on what I should do and my doctor isn't much help. Would a lower dose still help me and make the tiredness subside?

Thanks for any information!

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