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I 'm a 48 (soon be 49) year old, a female in pretty good health. Have some peri-menopause problems, GERD and about 4 years ago I was diag. with anxiety and panic attacks. I take 1mg Ativan per day and Aciphex for the Gerd.

My anxiety comes and go....some good days, some bad...often I can go weeks without any major anxiety and bam! all of a sudden have an awful attack, may last for 1 hour to 2 days. Its very random and usually no pattern.

But!!! the past few months I have noticed a strange pattern after eatting a full meal.

About 6 weeks ago, after eating a full meal, I started to feel sick to my stomach with a terrible headache. At first I thought, oh geez, food posioning. Soon, I started shaking all over, like I was cold, but was not. I was jerking with tremors, unable to stop. This lasted for about 2 hours or so. It was terrible.

About 3 weeks later, the same very thing happened again! About 2 hours after eating (totally different food than the first time) and the same thing happened all over again...sick to my stomach, headache, shaking uncontrollablely! This time it lasted about 40 - 45 min.

Tonight, same thing....after eatting, this time it lasted for about 1 hour. It is terrible. A total nightmare. I shake, tremor, so sick at my stomach, headache and feel like I am going to jump outta my skin!

I went to see my family Doc after the first event and she said it sounded like a stomach bug, feeling ill / sick triggered my anxiety - which can cause tremors and shaking all over.

But no fever! and it happened again 3 weeks later!

Has anyone heard about foods triggering anxiety attacks? or---a food causing stomach sickness, headache and very BAD shaking all over that you are unable to control?

I am at wits end. Now, I am scared to eat! scared I will react. I am having anxiety about my anxiety! :dizzy:

Anyone with any information, feel free to chime in! Thanks in advice for any help or info you have to share!

Thank you so much!

:wave: NOTE!!!! in regards to my meals, none contained sugar, alcohol, chocolate, or caffiene. The 1st time: chicken, potatos and veggies....The 2nd time was: grilled chicken sandwich, small salad with dressing and the 3rd time: Mexican food- beef nachos with cheese. I drank water all 3 times.
Get yourself on an SSRI..that would be my advice..Ativan is more for panic attacks.
Thanks for your reply. I have panic attacks too. The Ativan seems to help. I just feel confused about the digestive problems and shakes/tremors after eatting. I'm curious if there could be any connection with foods causing those symptoms and triggering anxiety / panic attacks? Thanks again for your reply. A SSRI is something to look into for sure to help with the anxiety.
I forgot to mention...I have had the same thing while eating sometimes.
So most likey it is just the anxiety.
I was hoping that it would be related to the anxiety and not another problem to have to deal with. Thank you so much for replying to my post. I spoke to my Doctor again and she feels its all anxiety related too, it comes and goes randomly to be anything long term related like a stomach or allergy disorder. Thanks again!

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