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Re: Dizziness
Apr 1, 2009
Perhaps you're on a medication that's not working for you.

You have A LOT of symptoms I have when my anxiety is uncontrolled. As I've learned over the past year or so, finding the right medication can be tough. I got lucky when my life-long anxiety disorder was finally diagnosed in the early 2000s. I was put on paxil and it worked great. Then, the side effects got to me (the dosage had to keep being increased till I was finally at the max dosage and a walking zombie) and I had to find something else. It's been a year and I'm still working on finding the right balance for me. Today my psychiatrist put me on lexapro (cipralex) and clonazepam to add to the wellbutrin (that apparently doesn't work for anxiety. someone should mention that to my family doc :P) so I'm HOPING this will be it, but I'm prepared to try something else if it doesn't work.

Have you been trying therapy or has it just been medication? What types of medication? Anti depressants or anti anxieties like benzos? Benzos are great for when you are having an attack, but anti depressants (the right one) can prevent an attack from even happening or you feeling anxious all the time. And while therapy doesn't work for everyone it's a good idea to give it a shot if you can. I'm working with both a psychiatrist for psychodynamic therapy and a psychologist. The psychiatrist thing is new but after one session I didn't have to take any benzos and I felt calm and relaxed. So, it's worth a shot. If you had talked to me a year ago I would've said I didn't need therapy, now I completely swear by it.

So, my advice is to hang in there, and ask to be sent to a psychiatrist if you can to adjust your meds and come up with a treatment plan with you. They're the experts on the matter -- especially seeing as how my family doc put me on wellbutrin for anxiety when I found out today from my psychiatrist that it doesn't even help anxiety!

Good luck!

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