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I have been doing some reading about Anxiety and seeing that alot of people with Anxiety actually have bad posture, or hunching forward when sitting. I have had bad posture my entire life - probably due to me being overweight when I was younger and trying to hide the fat with huge t-shirts and slouching. Even after losing the weight, I retained the terrible posture.

I think my posture is a large aspect of my Anxiety. I have been having back problems for a while and I think the constricted muscles are stopping some circulation throughout my body, causing symptoms. For the last week I have been standing up as straight as possible (even though it is very painful sometimes) but I am noticing my anxiety has subsided substantially. I think just having my head straight up and not arched forward and slightly looking down has helped alot with balance and blood flow to my head.

Does anyone else with anxiety have bad posture? You should try whatever you can to correct it and see if it helps your anxiety.
Actually i have noticed that. Keeping the neck straight and shoulders back opens up the chest to breath better. Stress can cause anxiety too and depression. And those two things will cause slouching and slumping as well. All the pain in the back and nerve compression from bad posture could possibly cause tingling and tightness in the chest and back muscles as well as stomach issues. All of that together can really cause a lot of worry and awful feelings and fatigue. Also, all of the pain and tightness can be the cause of higher blood pressure and faster heart rate just from stress on the body. Things like that with your heart cause many feelings of anxiety.

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