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Don't be upset if you have to take an SSRI
I'm in the same boat..tried to get off..and's all back again.
I have never wanted to take klonopin or Xanax...because I didn't like the doped up feeling I got from them.
Really I'm just thankfull that they make SSRI' without them my life would be hell.
My doctor says that just because I've failed at getting off them doesn't mean that there won't be a right time for me.
I need the SSRI's just like Diabetics need their insulin ..Don't feel bad for having to take a drug to make you feel right again.
We all understand
Thanks for all the replies. OSU- I have tried a few medications including xanax, klonopin, cymbalta, lexapro and zoloft (I think that covers it!) Out of all those I think zoloft worked the best for me. I have in the past been up to 100 mg, but right now I'm on 50 mg. I never had any terrible side effects. I've been a little nauseas (sp?) lately but I know that will subside. I've also been feeling a little more jittery, but I think that will go away soon, too. Weight gain or sex drive were never a problem for me personally. Anyway, zoloft works well for me, but it may not for you. You're probably just going to have to do the trial and error thing until you find one that helps. Just keep good communication with your doctor :-)

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