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Yes. I recently have experienced some of the worst anxiety i've ever had. Constantly having attacks especially when driving. I think the reason it makes us dread things is because we love those things and it seems so unfair that while other people are happy go lucky, we always worry cause the panic is right there waiting. You would rather just stay in the safe haven you've created for yourself cause at least there you're safe. I've posted a lot on this board today cause til now i just didn't know how bad anxiety could get. I'm trying to deal without meds. So here's some of the things i do. For one when a panic attack starts, I try to realize that as bad as my body feels and even tho it's scary, the doctors have told me my heart and lungs are fine. So whatever it is that is wrong, isn't going to kill me right now. If it is or isn't anxiety, i don't know, but how can i tell a doctor what is really wrong or know whats really bothering me if i let a panic attack give a bunch of other symptoms to go with it. I know i'll be okay even if i feel crappy so i just breathe really slow n shallow even if i feel i need to breathe faster. Hyperventilation (breathing too much) is what causes a lot of the dizziness and light headed feelings and the tingling and shaking and pain in the chest. Try not to let it take over. Then find a way to distract yourself. Sing, walk, find some nearby person to talk to, get out your cell phone, whatever and soon as your mind wanders back to anxiety fight and distract yourself some more. Once you've calmed down, take the time to reallize that those symptoms were not you dying of something your mind made up, but just you worrying too much and then laugh it off, or cry a little and then realize you will be alright. Then relax, realize the only way back to normalville is by getting off this endless road to no where and finding some direction. A hobby, a pet, more friends, and difinitely talk to people on here or any site, cause talking to people who have been there is just great. Some of us should make a board just to talk about some of the issues in our lives. Problems in our lives are what causes the anxiety. The mind tries to overcompensate for the things is has to deal with. Telling a total stranger is best cause the people around you find it hard to understand your changes that the anxiety makes you go through. This is scary for them as well. Sometimes the things that stress us are things we don't want people close to us to know. So who can you tell? You have to talk about it to get it out of the subconcious. When i finally looked back to see what things were bothering me before my major onset, i hadn't initally thought there was anything stressful in my life. I talked to a friend and it started pouring out. I didn't shut up for hours. It was such a surprise that so many things were getting me worked up and i hadn't even paid attention.
I kind of went off on a tangent here, sorry. Post back.

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