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I have been living with anxiety/panic attacks for a few years now. The anxiety is always there, but it is especially worse in social situations, which leads me to believe I have some sort of social anxiety as well. Right before college, my doctor put me on Prozac. I was on this medication for almost 2 years (10mg-small dose) and definitely noticed some changes. I didn't really seem to have the anxiety anymore (only nervousness when people are typically giving a speech which seems normal). Since I wasn't anxious much anymore, I stayed on Prozac up until last May. I decided to go off the Prozac in May because along with decreased anxiety I became lazier, more tired, and lost some interest in sex. I know these aren't reasons to just take yourself off something, but being 20 with a boyfriend and not desiring sex much sucks! Anyway, going off the meds was no problem for a long time. I had a great summer with more energy and the anxiety did not really seem to come back. Come December, my anxiety came back full force along with PANIC ATTACKS which I had never experienced. It got to the point where I couldn't even go out to dinner with my boyfriend without freaking out. Desperate and regretful for going off of it, I put myself back on Prozac since I had a bottle left from before. This was a bad mistake. For some reason the second time around, my body would not take the Prozac. I threw up every day and got awful panic attacks. So after only about 5 days, I quit self medicating with the Prozac. I went to my doctor 2 months ago and he gave me Buspar, which has been about the most worthless thing of my life, and Ativan, which only works to calm me down, but doesn't help control my anxiety and social fears. At this point I am just looking for any advice. I know I should go back to my doctor and I plan to, but it is nice to talk to people who know what I'm going through. I don't think Buspar or Benzos (like Ativan) are the way to go and I think I may need an SSRI, but Prozac gave me hell when I tried it again. Somebody recommended Zoloft to me. If anybody could tell me their thoughts on Buspar, Prozac, Zoloft I would appreciate it. Also, I heard SSRI's can make you worse for awhile so maybe I should have just hung in there. I just want to be myself again and stop fearing life!!

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