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I would like to know from Lexapro users what dose manages your anxiety?

Thank you!:wave:
I'm on 10mgs right now. I've only been on it for about a week so I can't say if it's working or not, but I think the dosage is too high for me because I'm having WICKED side effects, to the point where I pretty much hate this drug. I'm going to cut back to 5mgs and see what happens. 10mgs I think is the standard dosage and I believe you can go up to 15mgs or 20mgs.
I'm on 20mg (started at 10mg last January) and it has helped a lot -- but it has not completely eliminated my "trigger" anxiety thoughts; it just keeps them from gaining "traction" so I don't spiral into a fear loop.

Next time I see my doctor for a dosage check, I'm going to ask him if he thinks I need to go a little higher with the dosage.

I'm fortunate that I haven't had any side effects. Comparing my experience with Catheryn's above just goes to show how differently medications affect people!
hi, im on 20 mg. of lexapro daily. i think its great. its solved my problem.
now remember, just because you get cured like me with medication there is a possibility there might be times where you might have a propblem dealing with anxiety on some occasians. i did at first but not now. i have no side affects from it either.
I was prescribed 10mg of Lexapro with a supplemental prescription of Klonapin to keep panic at bay. It worked incredibly for me. The only problem I had was that the medication made me really tired all the time. I could sleep for 12 hours and still need more.

I am currently off Lexapro but still wish I had the Klonapin sometimes. Knowing what it was like to experience low levels of anxiety that I could manage (which was made possible by the Lexapro) has helped me figure out how to deal with my depression/anxiety on my own.
im taking 20 mg. of lexapro daily. it works great for me. no side affects and has cured me from gen. & social anxiety.

I'm going to give the lexapro another go after my exams are over. I also have a supplemental prescription for klonopin and that works well (doesn't make me stoned/drunk-like like even small doses of ativan does, and it lasts longer :)).

Hopefully the side effects will work themselves out before summer classes begin in mid May!

If they don't go away I'm reconsidering paxil, but in a lower dose. emp0052: I had the same experience on lexpro when i started it and paxil. On paxil I slept for 30 hours on a few occasions. If someone didn't wake me up I'd just sleep and sleep. It's frustrating. Hopefully the next round of lexapro won't be so harsh!

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