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First, let me tell you that anxiety and panic disorders are hereditary. So if someone in your family suffers from this, like you said your mother does, then it is very likely that it was genetically passed to you. This is where I assume I got my "problem" from, my grandmother and mother both suffered from anxiety and panic. Anyway, the chest discomfort you are feeling is normal for people who suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately, it is one of the many symptoms that go along with this condition. You say you are on 10 mg of Paxil. That seems to be a pretty low dose for anxiety. I would talk to your doctor and see if she can increase it, tell her that you feel it is working, but you still have some symptoms and you'd like to try a higher dosage to see if it helps. Keep in mind that if you just started the Paxil, it does take several weeks before you will feel the full effects. I took Paxil a few years back before, I switched to Zoloft, and I will say that it did help me alot.

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