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What forms of medication have people been prescribed for anxiety, other than benzodiazepines? I know that benzos are extremely effective, particularly lorazepam, but they are also highly addictive, and you build up a tolerance to them very quickly.

Are there any effective alternatives out there?
I've now been on citalopram for 4 weeks. One at 10mg, two at 20mg, then one at 30mg. I'm not finding it any help whatsoever, and I sweat even when sitting down doing nothing. I still wake up in an intense state of anxiety around 4am, usually sweating, which stays with me throughout the day unless I take a lorazepam, which my doctor has told me not to do because I have ended up taking one every day for the last few weeks. All through the day, I am completely exhausted. Over the last week, my GP prescribed propanolol instead of lorazepam, but all it does is slow down my heart rate, and leaves the other symptoms untouched. This pattern is regular as clockwork, with no good days, and the anxiety/tenseness is more intense than anything I have ever felt. My head is swimming, my ears ring, and my hands shake.

Any suggestions for what I need to try next? Would a non-benzo sleeping pill be of any use, such as zolpidem? It feels like I never get a proper night's sleep, and the only thing that seems to help is taking a lorazepam when I wake up around 4 am. Is the citalopram likely to be any help with this if I stick with it, because it seems to be making things worse rather than better?

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